My short film “Ghosts” is currently in post-production. Release date to be in the summer of 2024. Starring Fiona Walker (Jude the Obscure, I Claudius, Far from the Madding Crowd), “Ghosts” seamlessly blends archive and shot footage to explore how nature connects us to our past.

The film was shortlisted for the European Short Pitch 2023/24 at the 27th Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur  and received support from Kodak Film Lab (London).

A lone woman enters a forest at the return of spring as apparitions emerge from the awakening woodland.

Director/Producer: Katia Lom
Screenplay: Katia Lom and Patrick Miles Widdop
Main cast: Fiona Walker
Cinematography: Matt Gillan
Editing: Patrick Miles Widdop
Sound: Sean McGarrity
Music: Gemma Hunter