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“Triptych” is a short film reflecting on the nature of time and memory as a daughter empties her late father’s home.  Combining live action, animation, poetry and music, the film invites the audience to reflect on their own histories and stories inhabited by their families and their objects.

 Based on true events the film blurs the line between documentary and fiction using original vintage objects from Czechoslovakia and shooting in real locations.  Starring Lisa Diveney and Simon Stephens, “Triptych” was captured on 16mm for the live action sequences with all of its animation scenes created in-camera with a combination of replacement, stop motion, hand-drawn and pixilation animation.

Director & Animator / Katia Lom
Producer / Nikita Leibovici
Story / Katia Lom & Angelina Karpovich
Cinematographer / Jonathan Flint
Production Designer Live Action / Rosalind Grégoire
Production Designer Animation / Katia Lom
Editor / Patrick Miles Widdop
Sound Designer / Felipe Bolaño
Composer / Anna Bauer
Colourist & Online Editor / Eryk Hildebrand


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